History of Jumu’a

History of Jumu’a: Nabi SAW could not perform Jumu’a in Makkah Mukarramah due to the restrictions placed upon him by the mushrikeen of Makkah.However,He SAW ordered Mus’ab bin Umair RA (who had been sent to Medinah Munawwarah as a teacher to those who had accepted Islam),to lead the people in Jumu”ah salaah at the time of Thur.Thus Mus’ab RA was the first to lead Jumu’a and this continued untill Nabi SAW migrated to Medinah Munawwarah


Where will our Children be this Saturday Night?

Where will our Children be this Saturday Night?
Imagine a youngster who shows a parent on how a child-lock works on a remote control of an electronic device! Is there anything the parent can do to protect that child from the vices propagated by such a device?

In an era where grown-ups have to play catch-up to their children’s technological know-how, online social networking and all the stuff that goes with that, it is important for parents to re-assert their responsibility.
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Common myths about crime in SA

Common myths about crime in SA
2011-09-05 10:58Chandré Gould, ISSWhen the SA Police Service reports its annual crime statistics this month, South Africans will continue their debate about crime in their beloved country. This is an important conversation, but it is sometimes undermined by mistaken beliefs. Our research at the Institute for Security Studieshas identified a number of common mistakes the public often make when they think about crime. Continue reading