You’ll fall in Shaytaan’s snare
If you choose abaayas with flair

Chic and stylish
Maybe outlandish

Certainly, you wish to look attractive
But these abaayas are deceptive

The purpose of hijaab they defeat
While unguarded eyes enjoy the treat

Attractive for your husband is a must
Do these abaayas guard you from eyes filled with lust?

Fashion in hijaab is a travesty
Even if it comes from the land of His Majesty

Abaayas designed in the fashion capital
Mockery in a manner so gentle

Hijaab is not their concern
When will we learn to discern?

Abaayas glittering and tight
Shaytaan enjoys the sight

A clever ploy to delude
He is relentless in his attitude

So keep it simple and plain
That causes Shaytaan the worst pain

Beware of his snare
Exercise caution and care!

Abu Hudhaifa

25 Ramadaan 1433

14 August 2012

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