The Position of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa on the Issue ofUlama Appearing on Television 

(For immediate release)
The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa is acutely aware of the impact of media on society. It is equally
conscious of the overwhelming harms of the different forms of electronic media in general,
and television in particular.
The pervasive impact of the media, has prompted some Ulama to appear on television with a view
to protect the imaan of the unwary masses. Jamiatul Ulama South Africa however does neither
promote nor condemn the appearance of Ulama on television as a means of combating widespread
misinformation and propaganda against Islam.
The Jamiat’s position must not be interpreted as an endorsement of television itself, but rather as
the outcome of divergent views of our senior Ulama who had deliberated on the matter over a
period of three days. A synopsis of these deliberations of senior Ulama in the Indo‐Pak
subcontinent is available from the Jamiat’s Offices.
Abbas Alli Jeena (Moulana)
27 Rajab1433
18 JUNE 2012

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