Radio Islam Press Statement


All Praise to the Almighty, Radio Islam has received 24 Nominations for the MTN Radio Awards 2012. We were nominated in 16 Categories, receiving multiple nominations in some categories. This has seen a huge increase from MTN Radio Awards 2011, where Radio Islam received 5 Nominations and took home 4 awards. Radio Islam received the second most overall nomination count from all radio stations in the country this year with Talk radio 702 the only station having garnered more nominations.

The first MTN Radio Awards took place in April 2010. Radio Islam’s “Women of Wonder” Tribute won the best Promotion / Stunt / Event Prize and Radio Islam was announced in the Radio Industry as a serious player after receiving the “Adjudicators Special Commandment” award in 2010. The MTN Radio Awards 2011 saw Radio Islam coming home with 4 awards including the big one, Community Radio Station of the Year.

Expectations increase with every year, so too does competition. This year the MTN Radio Awards has received double the number of entries from last year, submitted from all over SA, in the different divides of Commercial, Community, Campus and Public Broadcasters.

We request the Dua’s of the vast listenership of Radio Islam, that we are able to do well at the awards on the 14th April 2012. Remember that listeners are encouraged to continue sending sms’s with the letters “RIS” to 40616, for the “My Station” award. Please note that cut off is (Midnight) 08th April 2012. This award is to show which station has the most loyal listeners and last year Radio Islam listeners blew all competitors out of the water by winning the “My Station award for us. We are sure they will do it again this year, Insha Allah.


  1. 1.         
Breakfast Show Sabahul Muslim
  1. 2.         
Breakfast Presenter Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat
  1. 3.         
Community Project Children of Heaven  
  1. 4.         
Community Project Rescue 786 Ambulance Service
  1. 5.         
Daytime Presenter Sister Ammarah Moola
  1. 6.         
Daytime Presenter Sister Faaiza Munshi
  1. 7.         
Daytime Presenter Hafiza Rayhaana Omar
  1. 8.         
Daytime Show Butterfly Corner
  1. 9.         
Daytime Show Abu Bakar Dawjee / Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat
  1. 10.      
News and Actuality Presenters Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat
  1. 11.      
News and Actuality Presenters World On Wednesday – Mufti Yusuf Moosagie
  1. 12.      
News and Actuality Producer Ejaz Khan
  1. 13.      
News and Actuality Show The Big Picture Programme (A. B. Dawjee)
  1. 14.      
News and Actuality Show Al Masaah
  1. 15.      
News and Actuality Show Sabahul Muslim
  1. 16.      
Afternoon Drive Presenter Mufti Yusuf Moosagie 
  1. 17.      
Afternoon Drive Show Al Masaah 
  1. 18.      
News Bulletin Reader Sister Sameera Buccas
  1. 19.      
Night Time Show Labour Line (Prof. M. Rajah, Moulana M. Kara)  
  1. 20.      
On Air Packaging Mohammad Bilal Ebrahim (On Air Promos)
  1. 21.      
Promotion / Stunt / Event Children of Heaven
  1. 22.      
Weekend Radio Show Marriage is on the Air ( Ml Sajjad Timol, Ml Junaid Jassat)
  1. 23.      
Weekend Radio Show Screaming Reels (Fishing Programme)  ( Ml Sajjad Timol, Adil Mangalee)
  1. 24.      
Community Station of the Year Radio Islam


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