Six Advises for the Holiday’s

Summary of the six points that I mentioned in my Jumu’ah talk entitled :”How to make your holiday enjoyable yet constructive and pleasing to your Creator”.


The absence of niyyah leads to the loss of focus,benefit and reward.Possible niyyaat could include: refreshing the mind in order to be more focussed on the objectives of life,change of climate benefits the body,catching up on outstanding recitation of the Quraan,Thikr etc, and fulfilling the  rights of  the spouse, kids and family.


The Quraan informs us that salaah protects against evil and vice.This protection is required to a greater extent during the holidays. It is unacceptable that a believer indulges in futile activities till the early hours of the morning and then fails to wake up for Fajr salaah.

3.Control the gaze:

This is one of the greatest spiritual challenges of our time.It becomes even more challenging during the holidays.We should motivate ourselves with the thought that the sweetness of Imaan is guaranteed for the person who controls his gaze.Once that sweetness is granted,it will never be withdrawn ie the person will die with Imaan.

4.Value your time:

Whilst we are permitted to involve ourselves in trivial and light activities to refresh the mind,we can’t allow even one second of our lives to be wasted.Sleeping for hours on end and lazily spending long periods of time before the T.V are examples of wasting time.One should have a schedule/time table for the holiday period as well.


Be careful whose company you choose during the holidays.When in the company of those who are negligent in fulfiling the commands of Allah,you will also become complacent especially when the mood is relaxed such a during the holiday period.

6.Remember you are an ambassador of Islam:

Being courteous on the roads,ensuring that thd kids dont make noise in hotel foyers,parking considerately and general charming manners will win over even the hardest of hearts.Improper behaviour by a Muslim will unfortunately be attributed to Islam.

Allah Ta’aala grant us all the Taufeeq,aameen!

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