Comments on my posts regarding the program on Muslim Identity

I have been following the comments responding to my facebook posts on
the “Muslim Identity” Program with fluctuating sentiments of interest,
amusement, and sadness. Two aspects were glaring for me. Firstly, it
was really unfortunate that some had exhibited a shallow understanding
of the etiquettes of constructive discussion and debate. I did not
label anyone nor did I resort to any name calling.I merely voiced my
concerns which is my right as a Muslim. From those who did not agree
with my views, there were some who rather then counter them
intellectually and maturely, resorted to name calling, stereotyping,
Ulama bashing and went off on a number of tangents. Others were so
overcome with emotion that they couldn’t resist the temptation of
hurling accusations that this was a typical response from the Indo
/Pak Ulama who were afraid of loosing control. Seriously? Did you for
a moment consider playing the ball rather then the man? This really
disappointed me as it would have been stimulating to have a
constructive discussion with those who held different viewpoints on
the matter.

Secondly, I can’t help but mention the glaring double standards. Those
accusing the Ulama of stifling debate resorting to blocking people who
dared to suggest that they had erred on their facebook pages on the
grounds that they were not courteous? Have we become so sensitive to
criticism? Name calling, wholesale assumptions, sweeping
generalisations and deep stereotyping because someone dared to differ?
Because I had posted my thoughts on social media platforms I was
accused of firstly starting a campaign “of sorts” and inciting people
to make takfeer of the producer(which is a blatant lie), yet the
accuser encouraged those with counter views to mine to post them on my
page. I have no issue with that, but where is the consistency? I have
allowed every comment to remain on my page even those that were down
right crude! ( The highly emotionally charged comments of one of the
producers have since mysteriously disappeared).

The Ulama are accused of protecting their own and not being
considerate enough of the opinions of others yet the accusers
instantly resorted to screaming out “typical SA Ulama style”
Deobandis” etc. Who’s stereotyping now? Are the rules different when
the shoe is the on the other foot? Ironically, your truly is not only
a graduate from a Darul Uloom but holds a degree in Islamic Studies
from a reputable University. For me this is neither here nor there,
but highlights the point that those attacking, were not attacking my
views but went automatically into attack mode when there saw the
comments coming from an Indian male who is called Moulana ! Is this
then not another “group” that has developed? Are the accusers then not
guilty of exactly what they accuse the Ulama fraternity of?

Anyway, I don’t see much point in discussing this issue any longer at
this stage. However, I will still endeavour to make people realise
that not withstanding our differences, we can and should learn to work
together towards greater goals. This is not impossible with the help
of Allah, insha Allah.

May Allah Ta’aala forgive and guide as all, aameen!


1 thought on “Comments on my posts regarding the program on Muslim Identity

  1. Assalaam Mu Alaikum Respected Maulana.

    The above post as well as your posts on Facebook refer.

    I commend you on airing your thoughts. A hadith of our beloved master Nabi (SAW) comes to mind. It is along the lines of that when a believer sees something worng happening he should make an attempt to stop it with his hands. If he is unable to use his hands, he should use his tongue and it he is unable to do that then he should feel bad about it in his heart and make istigfaar.

    I agree with all that you posted and if you dont mind would like to add a few additional comments:-

    1) The programme aired, did not not include any interviews with any persons from the Gauteng province. The reason for this is unknown.

    2) I could be worng but I strongly belive that the persons to be interviewed where handpicked first and I have a strong suspicion that the producers had engaged them in an offline interview to ensure that their views would be what the producers were looking for. The persons interviewd where not just the person of your street.

    3) Besides naming Ulama that you had mentioned, to add a few more names to the pile eg Molana Shabbier Saloojee, Ml Abdul Hamid, Mufti Motara, Mufti Reza Ul Haq and Molana Fazlur Rahman Saheb were mentioned. The list of names of such pious ulama are endless.

    4) Maybe as a collective a complaint should be logged with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission as such a documentary had not been researched correctly and as such has given an incorrect viem of our Ulama and Deen to non muslims who have watched it. Also, it has put Ulama in a negative light as well as it has predujiced a certain sector of our community.

    These are just a few of my thoughts.


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