Program on Muslim Identity (SABC2)

The program on Muslim Identity fails to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of ‘local” Ulama. Whilst local Ulama are not beyond criticism, when making comment one has to be fair. The religious infrastructure that we enjoy will not be found in many Muslim countries! Did the Indian and Malay Ulama that are being subtly criticised in this program play no part in this? Did the local Ulama play no part in the unmatched religious freedom we enjoy in SA? I am disappointed that from all those interviewed and who were asked the question as to which scholar inspired them, non responded with names such as Ml E Bham, Ml S Moola,Ml S Katani or Ml I Hendricks.This is contrary to the reality on the ground and thus begs the question of how the views of few can be portrayed on national television as being broad based? Do the majority of South African Muslims share the views of those interviewed on the program? Whilst some of the issues raised are definitely valid, does it help the cause of Islam to have such discussions on national TV where the majority of viewers are non Muslim, especially in the current climate of negative profiling of Muslims?

1 thought on “Program on Muslim Identity (SABC2)

  1. Twice during the program I tweeted 1) “If you struggling with your Muslim Identity, then you really need to look at yourself rather than looking at Islam!”

    2) If you have a Muslim identity problem in South Africa, then you have a serious problem. We are allowed to practice freely, so what problem?

    Yes the program raises valid points. The name of the program is misleading “Muslim Identity”, it seemed more of a program looking to bash the current Islamic system in SA. As my tweet states I failed to see the relevance of the program as a “Muslim Identity” issue.

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