In the Footsteps of Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon him)

In the Footsteps of Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon him)

Through the Gracious Mercy and Infinite Blessings of our Allah Most High, we have once again been offered the opportunity to witness and experience the blessed days of Hajj and Qurbani (Sacrifice).

In both the actions of Hajj and Qurbani, we are asked to emulate and commemorate the actions of the Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon him). Annually, we dutifully emulate these actions, but do we ponder and reflect over the lessons behind these actions? Do we utilize this opportunity to introspect and ask ourselves the question: “What does the life of Ibraheem (Peace be upon him) teach me? How can I utilize the action of Qurbani as a stepping stone to greater spirituality, as an opportunity to achieve greater closeness to my Creator?

It is difficult to cease marveling at the bravery and compliance of a young thirteen year-old (Ismaeel, Peace be upon him) who was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice; the sacrifice of life! However, we tend to overlook the efforts of the parents of this young boy which resulted in the exhibition of such charming manners. Almighty Allah never intended for the life of an only son to be taken, but desired that lessons be learnt from this colossal act of submission for centuries to come.

To begin with, his parents supplicated for pious offspring:

” My Rabb (Cherisher), grant me pious offspring from yourself.” (37:100),

“My Rabb (Cherisher) make me one who establishes salaah, and my progeny as well.”(14:40)

Qurbani is a reminder of that young Ismaeel (Peace be upon him), responding to the call for the ultimate sacrifice with submission, devotion and humility due to correct spiritual and moral upbringing. Imagine the remarkable relationship that existed between the husband, wife and son that resulted in a mother being prepared to be left alone in a desert with no food, water or shelter for her or her infant son and to boldly announce: “if this is the command of my Lord then he will not desert me!”

How did Ibraheem (Peace be upon him) command such implicit trust and dedication from his family? Qurbani reminds us to re-examine our conduct as parents and spouses. It reminds us to reflect if Islamic and moral orientation is taking place in our homes. It compels us to reflect if we enjoy the confidence, trust and loyalty of our spouses and children. It prompts us to examine the level of obedience we have instilled in our offspring.

May this Eid and Qurbani be the one where we do not carry out the relevant actions in a mere ritualistic mann. May this Eid be the one where we truly follow in the footsteps of Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon him).Aameen.

May Allah Ta’ala accept from us and from you. Eid Mubarak!

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