Where will our Children be this Saturday Night?

Where will our Children be this Saturday Night?
Imagine a youngster who shows a parent on how a child-lock works on a remote control of an electronic device! Is there anything the parent can do to protect that child from the vices propagated by such a device?

In an era where grown-ups have to play catch-up to their children’s technological know-how, online social networking and all the stuff that goes with that, it is important for parents to re-assert their responsibility.

Parents should never abdicate their responsibility of nurturing and teaching their children and instilling in the youth the values that define us, first and foremost, as humans who have chosen the Path of Islam.

Alhamdulillah, that we are born into homes of Islam and Iman. Homes illuminated with the teachings of Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Lifestyles upon the pattern of the Noble Sunnah. Actions in conformity to the commands of the Creator.

There is no guarantee however that our children will be able to sustain their faith. More than praying for them, parents have to keep teaching and make efforts of keeping up with what sort of things are happening in their children’s life.

The lure of temptation towards the sinful worldly pleasure of depravity, sleaze and intoxication is ever strong. In a flash, one’s spirituality can forever be lost.

We are at that time of the year when events ‘on the social scene’ such as matric parties or rave dances clog the calendars of ‘fun-seekers.’

A permissive outlook or any type of indifference on the part of parents allows the youth to participate in such events. There are those parents who argue: ‘Let them go and see. They will realise that it’s not for them…’

It could be the case that the youth realises that indulgence in drugs, alcohol, music laced with profanity and all the forms of indecency that go along with it cannot be the life of a Muslim. However, what if it does not dawn on them that this is not what is meant of their lives and they eventually get hooked to such vices?

On university campuses, in schools and in the areas Muslims are to be found, the issues that are coming up time and again indicate that the things that were thought of as accidental ‘once-offs’ as children experimented on them are becoming of lifestyles that are taking root with dire consequences.

Parents need to equip the youth with skills for managing their lives. A parent should not be scared to ask his/her child where there are ‘hanging out’ on Saturday night.

Where parents cannot cope, they should not shy from seeking help from imams, counsellors and societal leaders. Community support networks can also play a role as parents come together to help one another in raising a generation of youth of a calibre that would please the Almighty.

What is at stake is too important to be left to a chance that a child is going to ‘find his/her way’ to uprightness.

Jamaiatul Ulama South Africa Newsletter.

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