Eid Day Message I wrote for the Lenasia Times

The dawning of the day of Eid brings to a close a month of devotion, submission, obedience and sacrifice. This joyous day denotes a sense of accomplishment for the believer, who utilizes the opportunity to thank the Almighty for having given him the strength to strive against the carnal self during the blessed month of Ramadhaan. The Almighty in turn promises forgiveness for the dutiful servant, who diligently discharged the obligations of fasting, prayer and charity during the preceding thirty days.

Rather than celebrate this auspicious day by partying and merry making, Muslims are encouraged to reflect, introspect and ponder: just as the month of Ramadhaan has ended with feelings of elation and accomplishment, so too, will the journey of life unexpectedly draw to a close.

What are the requirements to ensure that the day on which the servant meets the Almighty Master, will also be a day of joy and jubilation – a day of Eid?

Ramadhaan offers the believer spiritual refuge after eleven months of (necessary and unnecessary) exposure to the trappings, temptations and glamour of the material world. A cruel and vicious world wherein one half of the inhabitants are oppressed and the other half depressed!

Ramadhaan is the annual spiritual ‘stock taking’ or ‘spring cleaning’ in the life of a believer. It is a period during which spiritual batteries are recharged, objectives and goals realigned, and the burden of sin disposed of.

The day of Eid is a day to reaffirm commitment to the Creator who deleted the ‘debts’ of the preceding year; The Creator who has replenished depleted ‘stocks’ for the coming year; The Creator who has unshackled the servant from the weight of sin. The day of Eid is a day when the believer resolves to utilize his enhanced spirituality to maintain and sustain the spirit of Ramadhaan throughout the coming year.The day of Eid is a day of undertaking that in eleven months’ time, the ‘balance sheet ‘of spirituality will tell a very different tale!

3 thoughts on “Eid Day Message I wrote for the Lenasia Times

  1. An article of note, poetic justice. Masha-Allah

    “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.”

    O Ramadhan! Be gentle, the tears of your lovers are pouring out. Their hearts are torn from the pain of your departure”.

    Molana I’d take the second and third paragraphs and place them 2nd and 3rd last respectively, as they speak of Eid, the actual subject in talking. The other paragraph tells the reader specifically about Ramadhaan, which leads up to eid. FANTASTIC*

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